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Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputies, left, and Tulare County Sheriff’s Deputies, right, patrolling the Kings River by boat chatted during a stop at Cricket Hollow Park on June 8. Boats from both counties are patrolling the river to make sure people aren’t using the waterway for recreational purposes. Because of dangerously high water flows because of substantial water releases from Pine Flat Reservoir, the river is closed indefinitely.



The weather was warm and sunny on the afternoon of June 8 — a perfect day for anyone wanting to enjoy some time on the Kings River under normal circumstances.

However, the only boats on the water that afternoon were there with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, patrolling the water and making sure no one attempted to go on the river. The actions followed the closure announcement by the Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims just four days earlier, on June 4. 

“While the river is closed, we are making sure that the closure is upheld and enforced,” said Alex Nikolich, a deputy with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. “We are making sure that no one comes onto the river by any means whether that be some sort of water craft or a flotation device.”

Nikolich said the water on the river is too high, and the current too swift and dangerous for anyone to be in it. 

“We have a lot of strainers which are basically hazards that can be a tree branch or rocks, things of that nature,” said Nikolich. “They can caused people to become entangled and potentially drown.”

“Also,” he continued. “Just the fact that the water is essentially ice water that also poses a danger to people on its own just with the potential for hypothermia.”

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