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The Faith House shelter was illuminated during a dedication open house ceremony last November. An updated six-month report on the shelter was presented to the Reedley City Council on April 9.

The Reedley City Council received an initial six-month support on the operations of the Faith House emergency shelter in southwest Reedley during the April 9 regular council meeting.

Ken Baker, pastor of the Reedley Heritage Church and director of operations for the shelter, delivered the report to the council during a half-hour workshop sessions.

The two-story home at 1697 W. Huntsman Ave. is designed to house up to six families at a time for a generally set time of 30 days, although that number can be extended by exception.

“My dream or vision for this was to be a family home, and it really has turned into that,” Baker said. “I’m not saying that it’s perfect. It always has its bumps, but all the families really work well together. They share with one another.”

Baker described the $36,000-plus operating expenses for the shelter from May through December 2018. He showed what he called a “snapshot” of the total expense with the biggest costs being almost $8,300 in liability insurance and nearly $7,400 in payroll.

More than $6,300 in facilities and equipment won’t be repeated in future reports, Baker said, as an initial purchase of matching bunk beds for each living quarter was made with those funds. The beds were purchased locally from Ideal Furniture, and also includes a bed for onsite live-in manager Olivia Padilla.

Baker said Padilla is complemented by assistant live-in manager Rosa Juarez.

“By adding her, we now have 24-7 coverage [of staff staying with tenants],” he said.

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