George Boston

George Boston

Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies used electronic security technology to arrest an Orange Cove man who allegedly stole a pickup truck in Reedley and then eluded authorities in a brief chase through southeast Fresno before ending south of Sanger.

George Boston, 43, was taken into custody and faces charges of vehicle theft, evading police and assaulting a police dog. The sheriff’s office also said he had an active no bail warrant for a parole violation related to dangerous weapons and explosives.

Boston’s total bail was $71,000. He remained in the Fresno County Jail as of June 25.

The June 21 incident began shortly after 3 p.m. when the sheriff’s office received information on a stolen GM truck out of Reedley. According to a news release from FCSO, deputies riding in the Eagle One sheriff’s helicopter spotted the truck heading west in the area of Butler and DeWolf avenues in Fresno. Deputies and Fresno police officers in patrol cars were directed by the helicopter crew to Boston driving the truck as he approached the area of Abby and Olive avenues.

Law enforcement attempted to pull Boston over but he avoided them, drove through neighborhoods and then drove east on Highway 180. At that point, patrol cars stopped pursuing but the helicopter continued to track him.

Boston exited the freeway at Clovis Avenue and drove south, at one point driving against traffic but not hitting anyone. He then drove east to the area of North and Del Rey avenues in Sanger, eventually driving into an orange orchard. Dispatchers learned that the pickup truck was equipped with a security safety feature, and they contacted the company in an attempt to disable the vehicle. The company was abler to remotely deactivate power to the engine, dropping vehicle speeds to less than 5 miles per hour.

Crawling at about 1 mph, Boston continued driving through a row of trees, and deputies converged on the truck and fired a non-lethal combination of bean bag rounds and a pepper bullet into the read window. Boston refused to surrender, FCSO reported, so Sheriff K-9 Ana was deployed. The dog jumped in the truck and bit Boston, who then surrendered.

Boston was treated by medics after his arrest, and two deputies suffered minor cuts on their forearms from the broken glass. No motorists were injured in the pursuit.

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