Vehicle-canal cropped

A minivan is partially submerged in a shallow canal at the southeast corner of Road 80 (Alta Avenue) and Avenue 432 (Floral Avenue) just north of Dinuba after it was hit from behind by another vehicle, left, while turning the corner the morning of May 13.

No one was injured in a two-vehicle accident north of Dinuba on May 13 that sent a minivan into a shallow dirt canal.

The crash occurred shortly before 9:45 a.m. right at the Fresno-Tulare County line at the intersection of Alta Avenue (Road 80 in Tulare County) and Floral Avenue (Avenue 432). It involved a silver Toyota Highlander minivan and white sports utility vehicle. 

According to Dinuba police at the scene (California Highway Patrol officials had yet to arrive), the minivan — carrying an elderly couple from Tulare and their son who was driving— slowed to turn right off Alta onto Floral when a Dinuba woman driving her young baby daughter quickly came up behind the minivan and attempt to swerve around the vehicle. It struck the right rear of the turning minivan, sending it out of control and into the dirt canal with a flow of two to three feet of water.

The trio from Tulare, who were headed to Smith Mountain Cemetery to attend a graveside service, were uninjured after being checked out by emergency personnel. The woman and her baby daughter also were uninjured. The accident continued to be under investigation by the CHP.

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