Fittingly, on the Fourth of July, Mid Valley Publishing’s three community weekly newspapers will morph into a newly designed and comprehensive news source for the Central Valley cities now being served by The Dinuba Sentinel, Reedley Exponent and Sanger Herald.

That first Thursday publication of The Mid Valley Times marks the genesis of a bright, news packed version of the newspapers which have served this area of the Valley for over a century each.  The news hole will be equally shared throughout the new paper. Your new newspaper—if you’re currently a subscriber to either The Sentinel, Exponent or Herald—will be The Times. If you are currently a subscriber to any of these newspapers, you will automatically receive this edition in a much larger version of your current publication and it will continue throughout your subscription period. If you are not currently a subscriber, you will find it easy and inexpensive to become one.  All the local news, sports and city government reports and regular columns — love them or hate them — will be retained. All of that will continue in this single source.

Increasing pressure on local newspapers to address ever changing reader preferences made it apparent we had to modernize graphically and make changes in the way we package and deliver the news — which you have come to expect, direct to your door in a redesigned package.

Mid Valley Publishing will maintain its current offices in each of these three communities to provide easy access to the services we provide and to meet the needs of each city.  The local individuals, upon who you rely and trust with reporting your news or event, will remain right where they are to serve your needs. Personnel and ownership remain intact.

When one combines three of anything it means expanded coverage of this entire trade area. There will be more news, advertising, classifieds, legals and obituaries for your reading. In a larger newspaper. No one understands better than we do that we essentially work for you, our valued reader.

Times have changed and times are continuing to change. The communities in this area are no longer disparate towns but have become one large community where people often drive the small distance between them to either work or shop. Entertainment or sports events at your favorite school have become basically a 15 minute drive.  We had to face the reality of serving the needs of this expanded trade area where the interests are shared among many.

An on-line version will be offered and for all of you who have already signed up, your subscription will continue for the e-paper. There will be a newly-designed website that will be more user friendly and offer the convenience of a pay wall, allowing the use of credit cards and various forms of payment.

Continue to read and enjoy your local paper as you currently know it and remember to watch on Independence Day for your enlarged and exciting new version of that newspaper which will be The Mid Valley TIMES! 

Editor’s Note: While it is not the policy to run front page columns of any kind, we felt the content and information contained in this one was warranted.

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