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Reedley police detectives search the area in an alley east of E Street, between 12th and 13th streets, where a drive-by shooting occurred on June 11. Three to five shots were fired, police said, but no one was injured in the shooting.

The calm of a warm Reedley morning was shaken by gunfire on June 11, when a drive-by shooting occurred in an alley east of downtown. The incident shook up neighboring residents, but there were no reported injuries.

The shooting happened just after 11:15 a.m., with multiple police units quickly responding to the scene. Police detectives and officers walked the immediate area around 13th and E streets looking for evidence and talking to potential witnesses.

At the scene, Lt. Marc Ediger said that three to five rounds were fired from a person or persons in a gray vehicle driving south through an alley east of E Street between 12th and 13th streets. According to Ediger, a man was standing in the carport area near the alley, behind a duplex on E Street. The shots came from about 30 feet away, but the man was not hit.

The vehicle then exited the alley onto 13th Street and apparently headed east. The vehicle is described as a gray sedan, but there were no details on how many people were in the vehicle or exactly where the vehicle was headed.

“There’s always a reason for this kind of shooting, but we have no motive at this time,” Ediger said.

The drive-by shooting comes a little more than two months after the last of four reported shootings in March and April. Two of those shootings took place within blocks of each other in east Reedley on April 6, They resulted in one man dead and two wounded. One of the shootings was believed to be gang-related, while the fatal shooting later was determined to be self-inflicted.

Anyone who may have additional information on the June 11 shooting is asked to call the Reedley Police Department at (559) 637-4250.

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