Elyssa Cazares, a florist at Aurora’s Flowers arranged a red rose bouquet on the afternoon of Feb. 11.

Local florists agree that the most popular flower sold during the Valentine’s Day holiday is the red rose. 

“Your roses. Always, always red roses,” said Cynthia Nunez, owner of the Reedley Flower Shop in downtown Reedley. “I don’t even think there is a close second in flower, I would say no, that’s the one everybody wants and they always want it in red.”

Across G Street at Aurora’s Flowers, Jessica Garza agreed. 

“The main flowers we are seeing that get ordered are the red roses,” said Garza. “Valentine’s Day of course, the red is love — so we always see the red, And, then, after that, a lot of people do some mixed flowers that include lilies, because we do use a lot of lilies in our arrangements as well.”

According to, more than half of American’s will spend an average of $220 on Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones this year. A collective $30 billion in Valentine’s Day revenue is expected nationwide. 

Garza said that in order to accommodate the holiday rush, they work longer hours in the weeks and days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

“People want to make sure they get an arrangement done for their loved one, and that’s basically how we handle it,” she said on the afternoon of Feb. 11. “We get pre orders so people don’t have to wait. Or sometimes people want special arrangements made, we also do have a lot of customers who decide on custom made arrangements. In the last week, we’ve been receiving a lot of orders, a lot of people are pre-ordering.”

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