Ron Robertson

Ron Robertson, pastor at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Reedley, was the keynote speaker at the Kiwanis 39th annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at the Reedley Community Center main hall on May 2.

Ron Robertson, keynote speaker at the 39th annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at the Reedley Community Center, had a pretty direct message at the May 2 event — take time to pray.

“I’ve had too many things happen in my life where prayer just is something I don’t have time for,” said Robertson, senior pastor since 2014 at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Reedley. “We need to have time for prayer. There’s too much at stake in our lives, in our families, in the nation.

“It’s very easy to complain about all the things that are happening, and how much we don’t like this and don’t like that. But what are we doing about it? Prayer is the thing that will change everything.”

Robertson was the latest local to speak at the prayer breakfast, which has been an annual spring event in the city since the National Day of Prayer was first established for the first Thursday in May in 1981. The event draws Reedley’s civic, political and business leaders, and is sponsored by the Sunrise Kiwanis Club of Reedley along with the Reedley Rotary Club and the city.

Mixing biblical passages with stories of his family and background, Robertson stressed the power of prayer.

“Today i want to challenge you to pray,” Robertson said. “I want you to believe that there’s a God who will hear that prayer. And he will work in ways that you will never believe. God never says something just to throw it out there. He means what he says. He says you’ll hear from heaven, and he will heal your land.”

Frank Pinon hosted his first breakfast as mayor of Reedley. Pinon told the audience about this year’s National Day of Prayer theme of “Pray for America.” He asked attendees to remember the city leaders, police and firefighters and other city workers with prayer,

“I ask you to also pray for our schools, our churches and our community organizations that do so much good for all of us,” Pinon said.

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