The federal government desperately needs to diet. Much of our spending is constitutionally dubious and it is immoral to pass our national debt, now exceeding $21 trillion, to our yet unborn children. We need to return to constitutional limits to govern the distribution of our taxes.

The one exception to the diet argument is national security. Without a physical barrier that works we cannot remain a country. History has demonstrated our souther border to be too porous and that only a physical barrier will work. “Kicking the can down the road” on border national security, as both major political parties have done for decades, only exacerbates the problem. Our national security now demands a wall.

We’ve had 20 government “shutdowns” since 1977, according to the Congressional Research Service. Most Americans never knew when we were in one. In fact, “shutdowns” may be a good thing if they reduce the national debt, make expenditures more constitutionally based, or strengthen national security.  

Democratic opposition to a southern border wall (they advocate for open borders) has been the principle reason for the last two “shutdowns.” Open borders is the “real” reason for their opposition but they know this will not sell with most Americans. The other two reasons are that a wall won’t work and it costs too much.

But walls do work. Look at any penitentiary. Many of those pushing the ineffective argument, hypocritically, live in gated communities. If walls (gates) did not work they would not live there. China’s Great Wall successfully kept “barbarians” out for centuries and they built it with human labor — no earthmoving equipment — and over impossible terrain.

Today’s 143-mile steel border fence in southern Israel has stemmed the flow of illegal immigration by 99 percent, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (The Jerusalem Report, Herb Keinon, Jan. 2, 2013). It “stopped the flood of African migrants into the country,” ending “Sinai terror.”  At one time 2,300 people crossed each month but after the fence it dropped to 18, a 99 percent cut.  Israel will be building other walls. The wall began in November 2010 finishing December 2012, and changed everything.

Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted, “President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.”

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