In the Civil War the nation divided geographically to the point that Lincoln, a moderate on slavery, was not even on the ballot for president in much of the South. For two years the Democrats have not supported anything initiated by President Donald Trump, the divide is so complete. Bipartisanship was difficult before he was elected, now it is virtually non-existent.

If no one listens to the other side, which is now where we are once again in the United States, one enters extremely dangerous territory. Each side can believe themselves right, even supported by God, and thus justified in killing those of the other side.

This happened in Kansas in 1854 which resulted in two state governments and two state constitutions each questioning the validity of the other. And each opposing sheriffs hunting the illegitimate one. The Trump presidency began with Democrats staging demonstrations in cities throughout the land his first week in office questioning the validity of the election and still, two years later, believing with no evidence, that the election had been stolen in a “Russian Collusion.” 

In Kansas, John Brown hacked five pro-slaveryites to death in 1856. In our civil war James Hodgkinson opened fire on a congressional GOP baseball practice, injuring five, almost killing House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. In either case the political party and media outlets of the killers appeared not to care. In the first Civil War, Sen. Charles Summer was beaten up by Rep. Preston Brooks on the Senate floor for a speech Brooks did not like. This time, conservative Sen. Rand Paul was attacked by a neighbor fracturing five bones with seemingly no outrage from Democratic media outlets.

In the U.S. today we have no middle or neutral national medias, only Republican and Democrat Party news outlets each giving opposing news. The same happened in the first Civil War. Kentucky Sen. John J. Crittenden, seeing an impending war between the North and South, and having two sons each a general on each side positioned to kill the other, may have been the last U.S. Senator that did not want the conflict settled in blood. His Crittenden Compromise went nowhere.

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