Ten years ago, the voting citizens of Reedley made a tremendously important investment in the safety of their community by passing the Public Safety Sales Tax (PSST) Measure, known as Measure G. This tax is a half-cent sales tax on goods purchased within the city. Very wisely, the citizen task force that crafted Measure G and the City Council wrote into the ballot language a requirement for a decennial review (10-year) of the measure to ensure that the community gets good value for the dollars and that government has delivered on promised outcomes. This 10-year review is in addition to the mandated annual review of all PSST income and expenditures by a Citizen’s Oversight Commission. All of the information provided herein, as well as the full report provided to the formal oversight bodies can be found on the city’s website at Reedley.ca.gov.

Over the course of 10 years, the total revenue received from PSST — from Jan. 1, 2009 through June 30, 2018 (fiscal year) — is $9,793,300. Total expenditures from the same period are $9,498,973. PSST funds have been kept in a separate governmental fund account and not comingled with any other funding source. All expenditures have been reviewed and approved by both the Citizen’s Oversight Commission and the City Council. All fund activities have been audited annually.

The ballot language for Measure G called for all dollars receive to go to public safety purposes in a split of 70 percent of revenue for Police Department needs and 30 percent of revenue for Fire Department needs. Uses were to include: Police Department Patrol services, Gang enforcement, school resource services, and police support services, including facilities and equipment, Competitive salary, retention and benefit compensation for police personnel, and funding for new personnel.  For Fire Department: Construction and/or relocation of fire facilities, Specialized equipment, Competitive salary, retention and benefit compensation for personnel, Fire prevention programs, and funding for new Fire Department personnel.

The specific PSST expenditures over the past 10 years are as follows:


• Full-time battalion chief

• Battalion chief vehicle/equipment

• Medical response vehicle 

• Four automatic external defibrillators (AED’s) and two trainers

• Emergency medical technician training

• 30 self-contained breathing apparatus 

• 15 spare SCBA air cylinders

• New fire station garage doors and openers (eight)

• New fire command vehicle/equipment

• Fire hose replacement (more than 5,000 feet)

• Washer/extractor for PPE

• Drying cabinet for PPE

• On-site storage containers

• Training computers

• Thermal imaging cameras

• New ladder truck


• Three full-time police officers

• Two full-time community service officers

• Two contract reserve officers

• Two part-time reserve community service officers

• Six new Ford Explorer police interceptors

• One Ford Fusion staff vehicle

• Five Ford Crown Victoria police interceptors 

• Three Ford Taurus detective vehicles

• Ballistic vests – assault weapon threat level

• Front line patrol officer safety equipment

• Mobile data terminal upgrades

• Forensic evidence collection equipment

• A 4 percent salary re-alignment

• Start-up funding for Boys & Girls Club

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