People around the world dream of coming to America and having a better life. Since our founding as a nation, millions have come here and found a better life than they left behind. We can be proud of this in our country. Welcoming those who desire to come here and work hard is good for them but especially good for us. We now have about thirty-seven million legal immigrants in the United States. 

Dr. Erin Berber is an Endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio. He was raised and educated in Turkey. He graduated from Istanbul Medical School but came to America for additional medical training. He has been with Cleveland Clinic since 2005. I wasn’t sure that I liked him very much when he recommended that my entire thyroid should be removed. The biopsy indicated a strong suspicion of cancer on one side and he didn’t like how the other side looked. He was right as I had four malignant nodules pathology would later confirm.  Looking back, I like him a lot better knowing now I was in the hands of a very capable, trained surgeon who took care of me. I didn’t care that he was from Turkey. He knew what he was doing. 

There are a lot of doctors in America from India, Turkey and other countries. Many of them have come to America, completed medical school or done their post medical school training. Many have stayed, become incredible citizens and made our country even better. We have been a nation of opportunity for them but also they have helped make our nation greater. 

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