RHS band appreciates

community’s support

On behalf of the Reedley High School Pirate Band, Band Boosters, and the directors I would like to thank the outstanding people of Reedley and The Exponent for their continued support of the band.

The Exponent Subscription Drive that we did the weekend of Sept. 30 will go a long way toward helping us with our immediate financial needs. It was also a joy to walk the neighborhoods and feel the warm support and encouragement from our community. The support and cheers that the band always receive whenever we go out is a great reminder to us and the kids of the great responsibility we have to the community.

Our thanks to all for making us feel like such an important part of the Reedley Community and to the Exponent staff who helped make it all come together.

Sam Gipson

RHS Band Reedley


City workers, Rotary volunteers

a key to bike rest stop success

The Greater Reedley Chamber of Commerce and the Reedley Downtown Association would like to thank the City of Reedley and their efficient staff for providing tables, chairs, extra garbage cans, early bathroom facilities and support for the Tour de Fresno event on Sept. 16.

Last, but not least, a big “thank you” goes to John Callahan, Rotary president, who was part of the Reedley hospitality team, and Reedley Rotary which provided water, ice, fruit and snacks for the event. We look forward to welcoming even more cyclists to Reedley next year!

Eric Valencia, Greater Reedley Chamber of Commerce

Denny Mason,

Reedley Downtown Association

 Board to blame for RHS football woes

I remember the time when Reedley High School had a strong, competitive football team where our big rival was Sanger High School. I also remember the time where vocational education was strong and supported, but today I look and wonder why these things aren’t true anymore.

We have been hearing excuses from the district on why our team is declining. First it was Orange Cove High School took kids from the program, then if not that it must be the coaches, and now our latest excuse is it must be the athletic director.

The fact of the matter is, the school board is 100 percent to blame. For years they have not been getting involved in the direction this district has gone simply by letting district administration do whatever with no oversight. This is a choice they have made to not get involved. I’ve read where a board member said it is not their job to micromanage the superintendent. However, they have gone too far in not managing these programs at all.

If this is their vision to let the football program go, then why don’t we demolish the stadium and build classrooms on that space? Maybe we can save some money, instead of building another high school. Another alternative is to clean house with the board members and start fresh, with new blood. I feel we need new school spirit in this community, and all that starts with the direction of the school board.

Keith Loftis Class of 1978


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