Conservancy backs

county plans for river

Fresno County’s proposed general plan for 2020-2040 includes a component pertaining to the Kings River Regional Plan. The Kings River Conservancy’s (KRC) Board is very supportive of the county’s plans for the lower Kings River. The KRC agrees agricultural production, open space, wildlife and fauna, and recreation in and on the Kings River area need to be preserved. Proscribed mineral extraction — that is quarrying — benefits private enterprises and the local economy.

While the KRC was only started in 2004, we have contributed both “sweat” labor and financial support of a new county park, new all-access trails at North Riverside, the promotion and protection of the local fishery, and significant control of invasive species. Our work includes maintenance of restrooms, graffiti clean-up, and trash pick-up. Major new projects underway include a nature preserve and educational center near Pine Flat Dam, an educational program coordinated with local schools, and a new River access point in Sanger.

There will be even greater challenges in the next 20 years. The extension of the expanded Highway 180 freeway and the future closure of older quarries will require the county’s vigilance and planning. There is ongoing evidence of greater public demand for recreation on the Kings from all parts of our community.

The Kings River Conservancy looks forward to working with the county on these challenges and opportunities and hopes the improved strength of the county will enable it to participate even more as a partner in our mutual aspirations for the Kings.

Vernon Crowder


Editor’s note: Vernon Crowder is executive director of the Kings River Conservancy.


Kudos to police for

handling situations

Police brutality and shootings is on the news much too often today. How many times we complain about law enforcement officers with undue force many times ending in a shooting of an innocent victim.

I read the Reedley Exponent faithfully and I am impressed over and over again on their handling of a suspect with a knife or and armed suspect without the shooting of a suspect. I recently read of a suspect that was known to have a gun at one point but he was apprehended with — lucky for the suspect — dog bites! Another incident was a suspect found to have a Ruger .45 caliber pistol, an AR-15 rifle, and a .22 caliber rifle. The suspect was arrested, not unduly harmed.

Come on Reedley, give a shout out to the fine conduct of our officers of our Reedley Police Department!

Celia Fellows



Thanks church

for parking options

I wanted to publicly thank the Redeemer’s Church on Reed and Parlier Avenues. It is very generous of the church to allow overflow parking from Reedley College. My freshman son has utilized the lot a few times and it has greatly reduced his stress as he navigates his first few weeks of college.

Thank you for looking out for the students of the junior college and allowing them to use your lot.

Angie Tarr



In praise of RCTC’s

‘Legends’ production

Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Dean Martin, Little Richard, Nancy Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Cher, and many more personalities recently performed at the current Reedley River City Theatre Company’s production of “Legends Icons.”

It was amazingly well-done entertainment: high on-stage energy level, excellent vocalists, exciting talent, outstanding direction, choreography and costuming.

A huge thank you and congratulations to all cast, crew, and directors.

Gary and Elizabeth Barsoom


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