Put surveillance cameras at cemetery

I am writing in regards to the temporary trial of new cemetery hours at the Reedley Cemetery. Due to work I’m not able to visit my father’s grave within the new hours. These changes were put into place because of vandalism, loitering, theft, alcohol/drug abuse and other prohibited activities.

I would think the solution to these issues would be a no-brainer — install surveillance cameras. With what money, you ask. Well, for each paid funeral service $250 is charged as a fee for the future installation of a private purchased stone. But if you go look you will see not every grave ends up with a privately-purchased stone; instead there only is the required grave marker.

Even though no private purchased stone is to be installed the cemetery still keeps the $250 that was collected That means that for every four markers, $1,000 is pocketed. I challenge anyone to count the total number of markers. I have no doubt that the dollar amount will be sufficient for the purchase and installation of security cameras They will serve as an eye in the sky helping to deter and aid in the prosecution of offenders.

If you support this idea, I urge you to respond to the cemetery office so your voice can be heard.

Janice Collier-Cavazos


Thankful to God for the rain

California has suffered a terrible drought these past several years. Experts said that it would take several wet years to turn things around. God’s people prayed for rain, and by the grace of God, the rains came; enough to fill reservoirs to capacity. So I’d like to publicly give praise to God for His graciousness in providing this wonderfully wet year.

It’s funny how we turn to God in our need, but once it’s met, there’s little mention of it. Thank God for the rain! 

John Rankin

Orange Cove


Acknowledge divine answer to prayer

As individuals and as church groups we prayed diligently for many months that God would send much-needed rain to our drought-stricken state and especially to our San Joaquin Valley. God abundantly answered our prayers. We have received almost record-breaking amounts of rainfall and snowfall in our Valley and in the surrounding mountains and in the state.

It would be so very wrong for us to forget to thank God for His gracious provision. We will soon see the benefit of the rain in our upcoming harvest. We can see the green grass and the glorious wildflowers  as we drive through the hills. The wild animals once again can flourish and raise their young because there is enough water. The cattlemen have enough grass for the cattle. We aren’t so very restricted in our own use of water.

For these and for so many other reasons, we need to acknowledge what God has so graciously done on our behalf. Privately and corporately we need to give Him thanks for the rain.

Dr. Ernest and Linda Williams

Reedley Evangelical Free Church


Unhappy with Reed Avenue road design

Good grief, City Planning! What have you done to us? You can’t think through one “little” stretch of Reed Avenue between I Street and Manning Avenue?

Do you realize: You cannot go south on Reed, from Carl’s Jr. or Valero! And cannot go north on Reed, back to Manning, from McDonald’s! You could have cut off all that concrete and palm trees north, from Rhodes to Manning, and simply put in a middle turn lane.

With the cost of the concrete alone that you save, you could re-stripe Manning from 11th (Walgreens corner) to Buttonwillow. No one can see the center line at night!

I am really surprised that this cute small town cannot get one simple project done properly. Please don’t “fix” anything else, except to re-stripe Manning in the aforementioned statement!

In the April 27 issue of The Exponent’s “Letters from Readers” Jack Worthington’s note was spot on! Do you ever read that section of the paper? You should!

But then, you did purchase our “Reedley Sign” from out of state. That fact alone should tell Reedley citizens something!

Sharon Fulcher



RDA thanks Street Faire volunteers

On behalf of the Reedley Downtown Association, we would like to say thank you to all those volunteers who donate their valuable time and treasure to make downtown events like Reedley Street Faire & Car Show possible. Thanks to all our participants for good weather prayers. We had a beautiful day!

We are grateful to the Nomads Car Club, Cruising for Jesus, The Exponent, Reedley College and Lisa McAndrews, Pam Melville and the staff of David’s, Reedley High School musicians and directors, Dinuba High School talent, city of Reedley, Reedley Fire Deptartment, Reedley Police Department and Explorers and Pull for the Cure. Sponsors to thank include Adventist Health, Les Schwab Tire, Bank of the Sierra, Rabobank and others. As we know, no city has better volunteers than Reedley.

Thanks again and we invite you downtown on Wednesday, May 24, for the opening of Farmers’ Market!

Denny Mason

RDA Coordinator

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