Thanks for successful

Taste of the Town

On behalf of the Reedley Downtown Association, we would like to thank the restaurants, the myriad of other food/beverage vendors, and the community for coming out for Taste of the Town. From check-in to the last clean-up, the entire event was the result of an amazing volunteer effort unique to Reedley.

It takes a village to put on an event of this magnitude. Thank you, again, to everyone who helped make Taste of the Town a great success. What’s next? We’ll look forward to seeing you downtown on Halloween for Trick or Treat on G Street from 3 to 6 p.m. Thank you.

Shelly Henderson and Reedley Downtown

Association Board


An honor to serve as

Fiesta King & Queen

What an honor it was to serve as 2018 Reedley Fiesta King & Queen. Thank you to all who were part of the nomination and selection process.  We don’t know what you saw that triggered this, but we really appreciate that you found us worthy. Your generous descriptions and kind words were overwhelming.

A shout out to the 2018 Fiesta Committee for the outstanding job they did. As King and Queen of the event, we were greeted and escorted with enthusiasm and warmth. We are appreciate having been a small part of this event.

A special thanks to the Reedley Lions Club for their organization and instruction. They helped keep us on schedule with gentle prodding and reminders. A special thank you to our chauffeur, both for gliding us down the parade route in style and for sneaking us up to the review stand. And whoever ordered up the weather — way to go! It could not have been better.

There were countless others, too numerous to mention, who were instrumental in making our weekend so special. You all have a distinct place in our hearts.

Thank you again Reedley for the wonderful honor you bestowed upon us. We are humbly grateful.

Carol and Ron Surabian



‘Community effort’

makes Fiesta a success

As the Executive Director of the Greater Reedley Chamber of Commerce, I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who “jumped in on the fun” to make the 53nd Annual Reedley Fiesta a phenomenal success. It was a complete community effort that brought this event together.

I must begin by thanking our event sponsors for supporting this prominent Reedley tradition. I must also thank the City of Reedley and the various departments for their support in executing the event. There are also many community organizations that made this event possible, they include: Reedley Rotary who organized the Fiesta Parade; the Reedley Elks Lodge, who hosted the beer and wine garden; and the Reedley Lions Club, who handled the coronation of the Fiesta King and Queen. I would like to thank the Fiesta Frog Jump Crew for keeping our unique Reedley tradition going, the Reedley Senior Commission and Sierra View Homes for putting on the Diaper Derby, and Kings Canyon Unified School District for organizing the Children’s Art Show downtown.

The Reedley Fiesta is a truly unique event and the Greater Reedley Chamber of Commerce is honored to keep this tradition alive for our great community.

Erik Valencia,

executive director, Greater

Reedley Chamber of Commerce

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