A letter of thanks to the ‘forces of good’

With lots of bad news we seem to be reading lately, it is time to make a change of attitude and behavior. As by now you may have heard that the veterans from the Vietnam War recently suffered a major loss when “lowlife thieves” stole all our fundraising equipment at our storage bin located at the Dinuba Memorial Hall Grounds.

Well, the “forces of good” responded from Reedley, Dinuba and surrounding areas. Readers sent in small and large donations to put us on track of buying all new equipment. This can be a lesson to people who are down and out. Seek help as well as help yourself to make the impossible very possible.

We remember our fallen brothers who left to serve in the jungles of Vietnam as young as 18 and 19 — some just out of high school and drafted. We left more than 58,000 on the battlefield. Now 50 years later, those of us who returned have raised our families and give a big thanks to God for living in cities like Reedley and Dinuba and having wonderful Americans citizens like you as our brothers and sisters.

Again, thanks for giving. We veterans still have lots of good work to do for the community. Come see our troops in full uniform in a Memorial Day ceremony on Monday, May 28, at Smith Mountain Cemetery in Dinuba. Then, right after the ceremony, join us for a hot dog and hamburger at Dinuba Memorial Hall. Our uniforms fit a bit tight and our flat 27-inch waist is gone, but our guys still love your handshake.

George Madrid,

US Navy Seabee Veteran


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