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caged children claim

Stephanie Calvillo gave her opinion in a June 28 letter condemning President Trump on the separation of immigrant children from  their mothers. I concur with Ms. Calvillo, that children should not be separated from their parents. She writes about “children caged like dogs.”

Where does Ms. Calvillo get her news? It was discovered, and made public by Fox news media, to be old disturbing film footage taken in 2014, by news media, of immigrant children held behind bars, separated from their mothers during the Obama’s administration years. This film footage was used by the liberal news media pretending it was taken in 2018 to incriminate President Trump. A terrible shameful act from the liberal left. They will try anything to destroy President Trump.

During my research, I did not find any place where immigrant children, were maltreated like dogs. Yes, they were separated from their parents, treated well and fed properly. Our president has just signed a proclamation to keep the children with their parents.

This brings me to another delicate situation that the opposition turns a deaf ear. Why hasn’t the left condemned the separation of the unborn from the mother’s womb, by the act of abortion? The unborn babies, have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Callous we are, because the law says it’s legal. Is it legal in the eyes of the Almighty?

There’s an exodus of people leaving California. This state has fallen into oblivion, slowly decimating...like Rome did. 

Manuel Madrid



Unhappy with cemetery upkeep

I was born and raised in Reedley and I always have been proud of our town and the family values it upholds. It is a custom for my family and I to go to the cemetery from time to time and every year for Memorial Day and remember our family members, and servicemen who have left us, by placing flowers on the headstones.

This year, it saddened me to see the poor condition of the whole graveyard. Some of the headstones were covered with dirt so much that the name could not be read. It was hurtful to see a serviceman’s headstone with a flag and no name to be seen. The entire yard was dry and poorly maintained, and disheartening for families who want to pay their respect to their loved ones.

As citizens of Reedley, we don’t want to see this happen to our beloved town and the memory of loved ones. I am inquiring to know how this can be improved so as not to be an embarrassment to anyone who visits their loved ones.

From a concerned citizen.

Debbie Olson


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