Candidate forum a

‘heartbeat of democracy’


On Thursday, Feb. 15, a uniquely American tradition took place as four candidates from the 22nd Congressional District participated in a forum of ideas at the Reedley College Forum Building.

Public forums like these are the heartbeat of our democracy. The community should encourage, and the media should cover, candidate visits to smaller towns and rural areas where they talk with constituents face to face. Sadly, the two frontrunners for this district weren’t there: the Republican incumbent, Devin Nunes, and the Democratic candidate who has raised the most money, Andrew Janz.

But there were four candidates on stage who came out to Reedley to talk and meet with constituents. Bobby Bliatout, a Democratic candidate; Brian T. Carroll, an American Solidarity party candidate; Ricardo ‘Rico’ Franco, another Democratic candidate; and Bill Merryman, a Libertarian candidate. The event was hosted by United Valley Civics, a nonpartisan voter education group and the Reedley College Associated Student Government. The candidates tackled such issues as immigration, water, gun control, healthcare, jobs and the economy, among other topics.

Thank you for your coverage of these community events. We look forward to many more in this election season.

Kelli Glazebrook,

United Valley Civics



Thanks for making Chamber

awards dinner a success


I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who helped make this year’s Greater Reedley Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner a critically acclaimed success. My team and I worked hard to put together a program that would properly honor our award recipients, showcase Reedley, and be entertaining for those in attendance. It means so much to know that our efforts were recognized and are appreciated.

I must begin by thanking our sponsors for supporting this prominent Reedley event. I also must give special thanks to Kendelynn Mendoza, George Takata, Inez Vasquez, Denny Mason, Aide Garza, Barbara Thiesen, Patty Valdero, Sam Gipson, Adale van Dam and Brenda Castillo, for helping organize many of the fine details that made this evening so memorable.

A big highlight of the evening was our local talent, so I would like to give special acknowledgment to Michal Angel, Meg Clark, Alina Gonzalez, Stacey Hall, Joseph Ham, Thomas Hayes, Jeff Lusk and Berit Rhodes. I also extend my thanks to the Reedley High School River Rats, Reedley Boy Scout Troop 282, Reedley College CEO Club, Reedley College Constitution Week, Reedley Elks Lodge, Reedley Historical Society and Reedley’s River City Theatre Company.

Lastly, I would like to thank Board Chairman Tim Thiesen and the Chamber Governing Board for putting their trust in me and the solid leadership they provide. The Chamber awards dinner is an opportunity to showcase and honor the best about Reedley, and I am very grateful for the support the community has shown.

Erik W. Valencia,

executive director

Greater Reedley Chamber

of Commerce

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