Walls are not immoral

Walls are not immoral. Biblical science has shown that before Jesus, and during Jesus’  time, there were hundreds of cities with walls. During those turbulent times, walled cities were not built for impressive purposes but were built for survival to keep out invaders, bandits, and to hide from the Roman soldiers whose aim was to destroy Christianity.

During his public ministry, Jesus was constantly in hiding and protected by his apostles in walled cities to avoid being captured. Here are three biblical quotes as to why these walled cities were necessary: “As soon as you receive this letter since your master’s children are with you, and you are protected by a walled city and weaponry” (2nd Kings 10:2);  He put forces in all walled towns of Judah, and in the towns of Ephraim, which Asa, his father had taken” (2nd Chronicles 17:2); and “After this he made an outer wall for the town of David, on the west side of Gihon in the valley, as far as the way into town by the fish doorway, and he put a very high wall round the Ophel; and he put captains of the army in all the walled towns of Judah.” (2nd Chronicles, 33:14)

Jesus Christ never condemned those walled cities as being immoral. What right does Nancy Pelosi have in calling these walled cities immoral? Walls were necessary in biblical days and are necessary now. There is substantiated evidence that large amounts of drugs can be brought into this country using these immigrant caravans.

Since these immigrants have no money, they could be paid and bankrolled by the cartels. There are possibly two more caravans preparing to make the trip apart from one already on its way. They must be stopped from entrenching our borders and creating chaos.

Manuel Madrid


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