It’s time for government to withhold funding

 It appears some Latin American countries are facing a critical state crisis. Their citizens are leaving in great numbers and heading for the United States. Why?

Research shows that in Latin America, three countries — known as the Northern Triangle countries, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras — are plagued with drugs and gang violence. Killings are the norm in these countries. The spiraled of poverty and malnutrition is an ongoing daily event. The needs and living conditions of the citizens of these countries, go unnoticed by their governments. They look the other way, like it doesn’t exist. The dreams of the people are never fulfilled.

When you have weak unstable governments with weak progressive laws and self-made constitutions, it creates chaos, unrest, and the dissolution of countries. The citizens of these Latin Triangle countries are poor and do not have the wealth or means. They depend and rely on their governments to provide for all their vital needs. Meager rations is the norm, always in short supply.

These governments also lack the industrial and manufacturing resources. Weak economies, always create more hunger for people. These regions, immense problems, are so deep and so endemic they cannot be fixed in a year or two. That’s why you see migrant caravans entrenching our borders. However, that does not mean we must open our borders.

We are a caring country. We give millions of dollars to these poor nations for food and other necessary essentials that their citizens are in great need of having. The monies, in some way, are displaced and wind up in the coffers of dishonest  administrators. What the U.S. must do is to withhold any future monetary help until these countries show actual proof that these calamities will not happen again. 

Manuel Madrid


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