‘Legalized execution’


The new law bill, “Born Alive Protection Act” to protect  babies from abortion after birth, was defeated in New York legislation. Heartless liberal lawmakers cheered a brutal abortion law that was defeated. Forty-four of 47 Democratic senators voted down the bill.

Democrat socialist liberals say it’s okay to execute a baby on the fourth trimester. They say it’s just a friendless, wombless, defenseless thing. It’s not even a person, as these liberal senators all agreed. They said, women have rights to an abortion, even to the end of the fourth trimester.

This is legalized execution at its worst. Maybe liberals-socialists are not aware of past history; there is evidence God’s wrath fell on mankind when people took it upon themselves to disobey God’s commandment. A child with ears, hands, legs, eyes, and mouth-even the semblance of a brain is left to die on the table, or wasted.

Where will this end? Are we so cruel that we have thrown away the very basic feelings and forgotten how to weep? Has mankind developed hearts of stone with no caring for human botched babies, ready to be executed? Are we following the likes of King Herod and the Angel of death? Is this what we can  expect from the horrors of Satan and Socialism?

Wake up America... the end of time, might be closer than we think!

Manuel Madrid


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