Vaccinating the homeless

 I am a resident of the community. I went to the first of six Town Hall meetings held by the city manager and police on Jan. 28. This meeting was regarding the homeless situation in Reedley. Very well-attended, informative and good input from folks.

I praise the city for all their hard work while being “sensitive to a tough situation.” However, I couldn’t quit thinking about the immigrant population in our general area, with probably more to arrive.

Being a former nurse, I know the importance of vaccinations for various diseases that I think the immigrant population has, most likely, not been vaccinated for. That is my utmost concern with the rising homeless population and the general population. The homeless do interact with the general population by “hanging around” the various fast food restaurants, inside and outside!

Do we even know if the homeless population in Fresno County, as a whole, are American citizens? Perhaps we could find out what country these homeless folks are from, as maybe we could vaccinate them.

I don’t have the answers, as most of us do not. I only think we need to look at this rising homelessness through a much broader scope. Praise goes to the city for asking the general population for their input and trying to get a handle on this situation. I think all churches, large and small, should be involved.

Remember community, the March meeting on Monday, March 25, will be about gang activity in our community. Please attend and give input.


Sharon Fulcher


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