A ‘thank you’ for project help


Dear Mr. Fred Hall,

Thank you for helping me with my project for school. As you know, I like the newsies. So all you did for me was amazing. I like reading the Reedley Exponent and it’s better than the Fresno Bee. Also, thank you for letting me go to The Exponent, along with the hat and the newspapers. So thank you for everything you’ve done for me.


Frances-Elizabeth Gutierrez



Editor’s note: Frances-Elizabeth Gutierrez, 11, is a fifth-grader at Washington Elementary School.


Time to assess U.S. gun

control system


After being bombarded with newsletters on mass shootings at schools in the United States year after year, it is time to take a look at our country’s gun control system.

Like other countries, the United States allows its people to obtain guns for protection under the Second Amendment. Being an amendment, it would be unconstitutional to inhibit anyone from purchasing a gun. That being said, we still can constitutionally limit the people who are allowed to purchase guns by setting more extensive criteria in every state.

Background checks have been issued prior to purchasing a gun, but looking at the numbers of mass shootings that have taken place, it’s reasonable to say that this sole criteria is not enough. The government needs to be more proactive and change their gun control system so that children, parents, faculties are put at ease. The government needs to make training sessions mandatory, meetings with a mental health professional a requirement, and have a police officer interview the buyer prior to giving them the gun.

Linda Tran


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