Women who report sexual assault treated unfairly

As I was searching former stories by the Dinuba Sentinel, I noticed there are no recent stories about how sexual assault is handled by the police department. I want to bring to your attention that awareness of sexual assault is important and should be talked about frequently to let the public know what is happening in the legal system.

Women need to know how unfairly they are treated when reporting sexual assault crimes. Only 35 percent of people reported rape or sexual assault (The Washington Post, 2014). Women are told not to get upset nor to exaggerate when seeking out help from the police (Walklate 1995). This is one of many reasons women do not report. The small percentage of women that report get interrogated but usually their side of the story is not taken into consideration because women “do not know what they want” (Walklate 1995).

Another obstacle women face is the process of being examined thoroughly by medical personnel known as a rape kit which can be traumatizing; results get sent back to the police where they decide to send it to a lab or not. Women are put through obstacles when reporting sexual assault and more coverage should be done on this issue.

Diana Chavez


A pleasant experience for a change

For the first time since I have been reading Page A4 of The Exponent, the publisher that liberal, progressive and, yes, green like myself love to hate got through a rant with only once slipping into the “madhouse” language that usually covers his overblown part of that page. And I agree with him around the issue of popular election instead of Electoral College foolishness that we have long since outgrown. So thanks for not going off on your usual tirade. It was a pleasant experience for a change.

The “flood the zone” comment about immigrants was a bit off the wall and not necessary, but — coming from the direction I usually come from mostly — it was good to not have that personal anger come up for me. The publisher can work out his own issues with the population that is becoming the majority in our midst (and that is not a bad deal either).

Again, thanks. 

Jim Compton-Schmidt


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