What is Hillary’s campaign manager up to?

Why does big news media avoid publishing big news stories such as the recently leaked emails by WikiLeaks? These emails show Hillary Clinton’s longtime confidante and current campaign chairman, John Podesta, discussing with left-wing activists and saying, “There needs to be a ‘Catholic Spring’ — in which Catholics themselves demand the end of Middle Ages dictatorship and the beginning of democracy and respect for gender equality — in the Catholic Church.”

The Catholic Church has been around since the first century AD, and ordaining women priests probably will never happen in our lifetime. What gives these progressive liberals the right to tell the Catholic Church what direction it needs to follow? What these progressive liberals really want is to establish a Catholic Spring with progressivism ideologies within the Catholic Church by radicals such as the “Voices for Progress” run by Sandy Newman.

When extremists try to brainwash the minds of God-fearing Christian conservatives to accept progressivism and radicalism, you open the door to a demonic disorientation. They will not like what will befall those who are guilty of these atrocities. The liberal news media is adding fuel to the fire by endorsing and adding false propaganda that all this information is true. Conservative Catholics want Catholicism to remain as is. The question everyone is asking is did Hillary Clinton know about these WikiLeaks emails and what is her current campaign manager up to?   

Manuel Madrid


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