Focus on preventative road maintenance

Difficult economic times and various financial considerations can compel a town board to defer road maintenance plans to reduce expenditures. While such deferrals may reduce cash outlays in the short run, they will ultimately dramatically increase the costs of maintaining a road over its life cycle.

Our town should focus on preventive maintenance to make roads last longer, saving money over the life of the road. Average road reconstruction costs four to five times or more as much as maintaining roads with routine surface treatment. The town board should create a formal, long-term schedule based on an agreed-upon goal of acceptable road conditions and a methodology and inventory that identify when roads will be worked on, how much it will cost to fix them each year and how this work will be funded.

The method that town officials use for keeping records of their road inventory does not have to be complicated – or even computerized. A formal plan requires continual monitoring and adjusting for the effective management of a town’s road inventory. Identifying and addressing unexpected change patterns in road conditions gives town officials a better understanding of ongoing conditions and the financial requirements of maintaining the road inventory at acceptable levels.

Not only will keeping roads in better condition with more timely maintenance save money on repair costs, it will provide better conditions for residents using the roads and thereby reduce wear and tear on vehicles saving taxpayers vehicle repair costs.

Nick Rodriguez



Enforce city ordinance

on trailers, etc.

Just one question: Why doesn’t the city enforce the city’s ordinances when it comes to trailers, motor homes, trucks, Mickey Mouse plastic carports etc. parked next to homes, in front yards and on streets?

This is what President Trump is doing, enforcing laws that haven’t been enforced in years that should have been enforced all along.

Cass Rodriguez



Thanks for

quick response

Thank you, Reedley Public Works department. Our gutters were taken down for roof repair and were never put back. This caused a safety hazard.

The Public Works Department was called by seniors to look at the problem. They told us we would have new gutters within two months, and the job was finished.

Thank you again, Public Works safety department!

Ivan Mauer and 29 Sierra View Homes apartment dwellers


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