Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the dedicated service of our police and law enforcement officials is all that stands between us, chaos and anarchy. Yet, it seems that politicians continue to pass inane legislation that effectively handcuffs law enforcement. Obviously, California would be a primary example of that with Propositions 47 and 57 as well as making this a sanctuary state. Beside weakening or even neutering law enforcement, politicians have appointed political operatives to head up enforcement agencies instead of professionals.  

Nothing undermines democracy more quickly or assuredly than the corruption of the laws and the enforcement of those laws which govern man’s interaction. Sad to say, we are currently witnessing an acceleration of scofflaws and a double standard of justice at all levels of our society.

I’m not a young man, but my first recollection of the perversion involves Ted Kennedy, who killed Mary Jo Kopechne on a summer night on July 18, 1969 by driving his car off a New England bridge. Kennedy, who allegedly was drunk at the time, left Ms. Kopechne in a submerged car to drown while he returned to his hotel — not reporting the event to anyone who might have been able to render aid. Enter Joseph Kennedy Sr. — renowned scotch whisky bootlegger who built a fortune on the illicit trade — who put the powerful political machine to work, making the whole thing go away. We all know that Teddy’s political fortunes weren’t impacted as the people of Massachusetts looked the other way and he was continuously elected until his own death.

A double standard under the law? Common sense surely offers the definitive answer to anyone open minded enough to examine the awful details.

Interestingly enough, the next example of political perversion of the law involves another Kennedy spawn. In 1975 Michael Skakel, nephew of Robert Kennedy, was suspected in the Pinseeker golf club bludgeoning death of 15-year old Martha Moxley.  Political influence on behalf of the Kennedy clan once again prevailed, and charges were never filed. Charges were finally brought in 2002 — 27 years later — resulting in a three-week trial in which he was convicted of her murder. The verdict was overturned shortly thereafter. Was that a double standard of the administration of law based on family clout?

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