During World War II, the Nazi propaganda machine — under the direction and leadership of one Joseph Goebbels — believed that the bigger the lie and more often it was repeated increased its believability. Goebbels bore the title of Reich Minister of propaganda. His success with shaping the thinking of the German people was undeniable and his prowess at such is renown.

Since that awful period there has been a collection of jokes dealing with the subject of the world’s biggest lie. Whatever your answer might have been to that one, it has been supplanted by the biggest whopper ever told in modern day America. “Diversity makes us stronger and immigration makes us more prosperous.” One will often hear that line being espoused by our mainstream media without an iota of data which would support such a pronouncement. If anyone is in possession of any information which would support that position, now would be a good time to speak up.

One need look no further than California for an example of what a swelling illegal immigrant population can do to an economy. We have become the number one state in the union in terms of poverty. One has no better example than our own Valley cities for reference. That is, in no way, intended to denigrate these immigrants. One can’t blame them because they are unable to compete for, not fill, jobs that provide a path upward in the American economic system. I blame the politicians who use them for political advantage.

Roughly 40 percent of the entire country’s 11 to 20 million immigrants now call California home. This is a state where one in four were not born in the United States. Further exacerbating the problem is the fact that there is little or no attempt to assimilate or learn the English language. We are becoming a collection of tribes. That is a position which is tacitly being encouraged and supported by government regulations and directives.

One must have a greater grasp of facts in order to make a more realistic appraisal of whether or not diversity makes us stronger and immigration makes us more prosperous. Truth is that we are reaping the “benefits” of the uncontrolled migration wrought by about three generations of massive influxes of poor and impoverished.

If the people of this country truly believe that we need more under-educated, low income workers which would result in a permanent underclass, we would prefer they tell us so instead of proffering lies about how we benefit from their presence. Equally important is a universal knowledge of the unintended consequences which come with illegal immigration.

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