We often wonder what happens to those people who espouse such good ideas and plans when asking for our votes, once they are sworn into office either in Sacramento or Washington. It’s as if all the best-laid plans are put on the shelf as our representative assumes the herd mentality and it seems as if their only concern becomes mimicking the actions and thoughts of their fellow pretenders. What the hell happened to the common sense they once used in capturing our vote? If we wanted to send someone to Washington who was just going to do what was popular then why not send a pet dog with a note?

With the current Democrat-controlled House of Representatives in full throated roar, demanding up to 10 years of the president’s income taxes — “because presidents have always provided them” — one can be excused for wondering what the real requirements are for being president. Truth is, the president is already rich. Why not look at the tax records of the house members who have become wealthy since being elected?

Actually, there are only three mandated constraints set forth in the Constitution as requirements to become president. Those would be: one must be 35-years of age; a candidate must have lived in the United States for a period of 14 years; third of all, one must have been born in the United States or have at least one parent who is a United States citizen. Probably the most important one is the win the election via the constitutionally-mandated Electoral College.

No one, not even the current much-maligned president can be forced to release his personal nor business income taxes. There is no way the Congressional Democrats can legally compel Donald Trump to release such records against his will. Perhaps I should hedge that a bit because California, Washington, Oregon and Hawaiian judges have been really squirrelly in their interpretation of the law when it comes to the current administration. They employ painful machinations to make the “law” fit their personal agendas.

We’re not quite sure why the investigations continue in the House, especially since the “Mueller Probe,” which dragged on for almost two years, announced they had found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on the attempt to overturn an election which did not meet their expectations. There certainly are issues, including border security, which are far more pressing than a unilateral attempt to remove a legitimately elected president from office. The most incredible thing about the whole mess is that Jerald Nadler and Adam Schiff claim to see and know things that were not discovered by Mueller’s partisan, professional investigative team!

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