Just as when one is in Las Vegas playing blackjack, there are times in life when it is entirely proper and well-advised to “double down” on one’s position on certain issues. Last week, I wrote, at some length, about today’s “journalists” lack of ethics in agenda-driven reporting vis-a-vie rush-to-judgment methods of reporting on preconceived notions of the event they are covering. Fact checking and reliable sources be damned! We even went so far as to identify five stipulations of that code of fair practices for journalists.

Since that original column was penned, an internet “news site” named Buzz Feed broke a story about the president telling Michael Cohen, his attorney, to lie to the Mueller investigation as well as Congress. Although the report named no sources or featured any quotes, it was quickly parroted by the “usual suspects” in the mainstream media. Robert Mueller’s investigatory group quickly affirmed the report was “untrue,” but it didn’t make any difference.  

The word impeachment, by talking heads in the media, appeared approximately 200 times during the following 24 hours before cooler heads began to prevail.  That only counted CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS. Adding to the travesty were The New York Times, Washington Post and various other members of the print press.

This past weekend, a small snippet of video of small-town Kentucky Catholic high school boys in Washington for a pro-life march resulted in calls for everything from their being punched in the face to their being killed arose on the internet. Mainstream media pounced without questioning any of the details. It appears, now that everyone has had access to the facts, they were the ones being assaulted by the Black Hebrew Israelites and a drum-beating Native American who reportedly was a Vietnam war veteran. That has since been debunked. We understand the boys were waiting for a bus to pick them up after the rally when they were confronted. Release and review of the entire video showed everything in context.

All appearances are that their greatest sin was wearing “Make America Great Again” caps while being white. Until we, in the journalism business, get past this hate Trump we will continue winding up with egg on our face. There can be little doubt that many will continue along this mind-numbed path!

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