What’s not to like about living in California? Even with the current summer heat, we have the greatest climate in the world; we have the most beautiful mountains; we have the greatest beaches; we have the richest farmland to be found anywhere; we have magnificent deserts and yet we have the highest poverty rate in the United States and the highest number of welfare recipients in the entire nation. Obviously, we have a major problem somewhere! Could it have anything to do with having the worst possible political leadership? You think?

Facts can be stubborn things with which politicians and public officials must deal with on a regular basis. Case in point: Since about 2010, California has been losing a net 140,000 citizens each and every year. The Democratic administration in Sacramento and their sycophants in the media would tell you that the state is giving itself an enema — ridding itself of waste — to make room for the “best and brightest” as they migrate to the “Golden State” with the people who are leaving. No one really believes that!  If what we’re getting are the best and brightest, all I can say is God help us.

The spin placed on the rationale for the exodus is patently untrue. If one will take a moment to survey your surroundings, it doesn’t take long for your “lying” eyes and intuitive brain to detect a far different situation. The term  “enema” was not thrown in as a pejorative element — It’s actually the way the political elite have described those who are leaving! Those being forced to leave are all essentially working people who can no longer afford to live here and pay the ”entitlements” for those who choose not to support themselves or, even worse, are illegal and shouldn’t even be here.

Remember, regardless of what the media might tell you about the value of this under-the-radar illegal population paying taxes, their negative impact on 

the economy of California is roughly $26 billion. Their cost of support exceeds their contribution by that amount. Apparently politicians see them as potential voters and with our current system of licensing through the DMV, with all the potential voter fraud, it is entirely feasible—even probably—that many of these people wind up voting. Allowing the harvesting of absentee ballots makes it a virtual certainty.

Eight million Californians live below the poverty line, and about 13 million find themselves on welfare rolls of some sort. Adding to the misery factor for many of these people is the fact that basics — like utilities — are the highest in the nation because of artificial factors such as legislators mandating that a certain ever-growing percentage of power come from renewable sources. Renewable sources are always more expensive than traditional methods of generating power. Blame the cost on Pacific Gas & Electric Co. 

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