Have you ever thought about what would happen if you went to the bank for money to build a new home, and about halfway through decided you weren’t going to be able to finish the job? Do you suppose the money provider would simply offer absolution — forgive the money you’ve already spent — and allow you to keep the unused money without having to pay it back?

That’s pretty much the position that has been taken by Gavin Newsom with our always controversial High Speed Rail project. Now, the governor says that the government requesting the return of taxpayer money is all about politics. Duh! Isn’t everything that California and its attorney general, Xavier Becerra, have done over the past two years about resisting anything the president wants to do to make America great again also about politics?

Finishing the High Speed Rail? There is no plan beyond completing the line from Merced to Bakersfield, which is so dumb as to make one’s head hurt. It’s moments like this that make us realize that politicians absolutely think we are so stupid as to believe anything. That’s the problem in any political constituency that has become so one-sided as to be unilateral in their beliefs. Yes, there are a few Republicans left in California, but so few that we do not fill a single seat beyond the handful in the Assembly and Senate. Democrats have what is called a “super majority” and need not even consider any Republican objections to the stupid adventures of state government.

During the first two years of the Trump administration, Becerra — the chief law enforcement officer in the state — sued the United States a total of 38 times, according to The Los Angeles Times. If you have the time, it would be a pretty good idea to read through the lawsuit list and examine the levity of the issues about which suits are being brought.  

Space here does not permit us to provide a comprehensive list of items over that our political powers feel so strongly about to go to court and spend our money. We strongly believe that once you’ve examined the list, you’ll find yourself opposing the politicians or even believing their cause is frivolous. It’s absolutely political, and more about “resistance” than the common good!

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