For decades, left-leaning politicians, special interest groups, politicians and even our judicial system seem to have done everything in their power to alter our Constitution with claims that it is a malleable document which should be open to interpretation to modern day standards. We even had a recent president who served two terms running on the platform that he was going to fundamentally change America.  Never mind that everything, especially the economy, went to “hell in a hand basket,” our mainstream media obediently and lovingly worshipped him. No one can cite anything he did to strengthen America or make like better but that seems to be beside the point. 

This Dylan Thomas poem — which is open to interpretation — always reminds me that everyone should fight against the unacceptable, even when it appears inevitable. It seems to me that we’ve ceded the battle to those who would weaken America for far too long. Thank heaven we finally have a leader who is willing to take on tough tasks and is willing to fight. Perhaps the time has come for us to join our leader in the struggle to save this great republic!

People need to begin to realize that simply hating someone doesn’t mean that they are wrong. 

One can’t help but have ambivalent thoughts about the year of 2018 as it draws to a close. It’s been one of those years which has blessed Americans with the best of economic times and, yet, has been offset by an irrational hatred on the part of about half of Americans and our institutions for the man who is helping produce and deliver the good news.

Growth in a once stagnant economy has reached numbers one hasn’t seen in years; poverty is down; unemployment numbers are at all time lows for everyone including traditionally underemployed minorities; America has returned to its status as a world leader; we have a president whose word actually means something and the world has become a safer place over the past two years.

Contrary to those indisputable facts, The Mueller investigation has gone into another year of its controversial hunt for Russian trolls who, according to the media and Democrats, stole the election for Mr. Trump against their terribly weak candidate. As hard as it may be to believe, we fully expect Hillary Clinton to mount a drive for the nomination in 2020. At this point, the only people even remotely associated with that “crime” are a group of Russians who Robert Mueller indicted but will never see the inside of an American courtroom.

This, yes I am going to use the word, witch hunt has gone so far afield that anyone who ever knew the president or had any dealings with him is in danger from the assembled team of Democrat operatives risks having their life ruined over past tax issues or a whole litany of problems which have no connection to the original cause for action given the Independent Council’s office. The “well” used for money runs extremely deep with taxpayers being the often unwilling provider for the Independent Council.

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