Perhaps the best place to start here, before taking a deep dive into the political madness that seems to be sweeping our country, would be the recent threat by several states to keep President Donald Trump off the 2020 ballot. The reason they cite as cause for their action? President Trump has not released his tax and financial records. This one will probably have to play out in the courts with the only winners being the lawyers. There is no legal requirement anywhere in federal law for him to so — the decision is strictly his. The only thing that this man did was win an election. Not liking a man does not disqualify him.

I believe it’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome — T.D.S.

Never before has the idiom about the inmates running the asylum been more appropriately applied than it is today. We have a group running the United States House of Representatives that is completely incapable of running any group or organization, much less occupying their current capacities as representatives of the American people. Have you ever taken a comprehensive look at some of what they are proposing?

One of them, a 29-year old former bartender from New York City, has offered her “Green New Deal” to save the planet which is questionably in danger in the first place. According to this young women, we have only 12 years to spend about $93 trillion and save us all.  

Her suggestion would essentially eliminate all air travel and gasoline engines, require the re-fitting of all buildings in America, eliminate all petroleum based products, crush an economy, destroy jobs — and, would only cost taxpayers $600,000 per household. Not to be outdone by this young upstart from NYC, Bill De Blasio — the mayor of that city — has proposed the elimination of skyscrapers, steel and glass in building, and demands the retrofitting of buildings and the elimination of hotdogs and processed meats.

Another member is a young female refugee from Somalia who, from her statements and positions, seems to hate the United States and everything about this country. One has to ask “how the hell can something like this happen” until one examines the demographic profile of her home state of Minnesota. Remember the discussions we’ve had about the tribalization of America? Frankly, Ilhan Omar is so anti-Semitic that she should have been forced to resign from Congress over her positions and uninformed brand of hate speech. Rashida Talib, another Muslim who hails from Michigan, is known for spouting opinions that are filled with profane speech and inane in their content.

One can always count on California when there is such “a gathering of eagles” as our representatives in the U.S. House. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris, Eric Swalwell and Dianne Feinstein supply plenty of material for those who identify California as the land of nuts, fruits and flakes. One of the great things about it, we here in California can almost always count on left-wing politicos ranging from here in the state to federal levels to do and say really dumb things.  

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