The United States of America has the most dysfunctional immigration systems in the entire world! We’ve managed to strip away all of the mandates that new arrivals in this country be self-sustaining by providing them access to taxpayer largesse in this country which features more and more socialistic offerings. No longer are they asked to, or required to, assimilate into the American culture nor is learning the English language a requirement. Anyone who has ever read the Bible is aware of what happened to the Tower of Babel.

A study released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform found that providing education, health care, law enforcement and social and government services to illegal aliens and their dependents costs Californians $25.3 billion per year. That means that the state’s approximately three million illegal aliens and their 1.1 million U.S.-born children costs the average California household, headed by a U.S. citizen, $2,370 annually.

The costs include:

• Funding the K-12 education for children who themselves are illegal aliens as well as the children of illegal aliens accounts for the largest share of the cost to taxpayers at $14.4 billion. These services include standard public school education and supplemental English language instruction  Despite federal funding, the average per pupil expenditure is $10,450 every year.

• Justice and law enforcement costs—policing , court, and incarceration — associated with illegal aliens soared to more than $4.4 billion.

• Medical services cost taxpayers approximately $4 billion, including $388 million associated with 68,000 births to illegal alien mothers.

• Public assistance — low-cost meal programs, free immunizations, etc — are available to residents regardless of legal status. The $792 million price tag for these services is borne by California taxpayers. 

Stein concluded his report by saying that despite overwhelming evidence that illegal immigration represents an unsustainable fiscal burden to the state, the California legislature and local governments across the state continue to provide new benefits, new services and new privileges to illegal aliens.

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