Occasionally the simplest of endeavors can become complicated far beyond one’s wildest imagination. Being fed a daily diet of what contemporaneously passes for journalism, I thought I would check — of all sources — the internet to see what is being taught these days. Yes, it’s garbage.

Out of page after page of phony practitioners, it was really a disappointment that only a couple of “platforms” even had an inkling of what the standards of this profession should be. As one “clicks” through the sites, a dead giveaway of a complete know-nothing would be an article by some soy-boy expounding on the methods for driving up the number of clicks on your site. Immediately one feels the quicksand of ignorance. Someone should have taught him that this business isn’t about sensationalism or agenda promotion. It’s about straightforward, honest writing and reporting — not views or clicks!

Journalism today is busy committing suicide! That’s not just my opinion, you can check for yourself!  That statement is inclusive of many of the larger journalistic operations that were — at one time — considered the gold standard of our industry. A particular bit of crap (please excuse my use of the term, but nothing else fit) published by The New York Times about a week ago accused Donald Trump, in their headline, of working for the Russians.  

The problem with that was there was absolutely nothing presented anywhere in the story in the way of proof. All their sourcing was anonymous. That, alone, is an absolute no-no! There was a time people would have been summarily fired for such reporting. Sadly, not today.

It may not be a subject over which people get wildly excited, but because it is a part of everyone’s daily life, I would beg your indulgence for a few minutes while we discuss some of the elements that were once required to meet journalistic standards for reporting agencies and organizations. Yes, here were standards not so long ago nor far, far away. Stories were actually sourced, by more than one person.

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