With the omnipresent call for free college and lifetime free education by Democrats, perhaps the time has come for us to take a critical look at the product which is being produced for all the money expended. It seems that every time that taxes are increased, there is more set aside for education and yet that threshold seems to be to dumb down every matriculating class. Adopting the lowest common denominator is not the way to achieve excellence. Call it what you want, but we are in fact “dumbing down” that which is acceptable from our schools.

Bertrand Russell was an early 20th century philosopher, scientist and a proponent for liberalism. Given today’s crop of college educated young people, we find ourselves more in line with his view of education that any of the other famous quotes we were able to locate. Russell said, “Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.

No analysis of our current educational system would be complete without the examination of the number of “soldiers” on the line in the form of teachers who are doing what we call the “heavy lifting.” It just seems to us that many school systems are invested too heavily in administration. Furthering to complicate things is a national Department of Education, which is a complete waste of time and money in our opinion. All educational oversight should be on the state and local level.

Are there bad teachers? Yes, there are. Sadly, they, although often rare, are a drag on the entire system, especially when they are teaching your kids! The slackers and incompetents are protected by one of the strongest union in the country. One which should not even exist. We’ve all heard the saying that one bad apple will spoil the barrel. The size and strength of these unions is so large as to allow them to influence the political climate. 

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