We’ve often written about the sorry state of the American educational experience, but it has now reached the critical phase where we are about to lose the correct usage of the English language. There can be little doubt that much of it can be attributed to uncontrolled immigration and our government mandated usage of the illegal immigrant’s native language in all forms. Teaching methods, social media and a plethora of other methods have also greatly eroded the use of proper grammar. I see an increasing use of incorrect grammar by television personalities and celebrities that is almost painful and yet, these are the people our children admire and attempt to emulate. 

The requirements for U.S. citizenship are quite specific in requiring applicants be able to read, write and speak basic English. There can be little doubt that requirement is either ignored or trampled on by bureaucrats.  Sad to say, the people who suffer most economically in the competitive job market are those people with no English skills. This is, after all, an English-speaking country. It is a perfect example of how liberals, who in their avowed efforts to help people, are actually harming them!

If one will take a moment to review many of their monthly statements from utilities and others it becomes obvious, from the number of languages contained therein,  that the bureaucracy has bent over backward to eliminate the basic english requirement. The more accommodations we make for something that is improper the more it is accepted as the norm. Our sorry judicial system can also be considered complicit in this ugly development.  

The government further displays how irrational it has become by displaying other languages in our voting materials. I always thought that one must be a citizen to participate in the electoral process, so by listing a secondary language our officials are either ignoring the requirements of proper voting restrictions or are actually encouraging non-citizen participation. Politicians openly pander to these non-English speaking residents.

That only represents a small portion of our problems when it comes to learning proper usage of a language (English) that people around the world strive to learn.  For much of the balance one can blame our educational system and the subversive erosion of social media where everything is so dumbed down that it leaves one shaking one’s head at what passes for civil communication in today’s America.

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