Were you aware that there are now roughly 22 million people who are working for the government? Thats about double the number of Americans employed in manufacturing. This seems to be an excellent bit of information for one to have when they are faced with the upcoming tax season. How troubling is it to know there are about half of us working in a constructive endeavor as there are in our success-impeding bureaucracy?

Does anyone reading this want to make a guess which state employs the greatest number of bureaucrats? That would be California with almost a million — 883,404 to be exact. Reasonably, one would expect that would represent a thoroughly solid block of almost a million Democrat voters and about a million souls with whom we are taxed for their generally large salaries. Government workers, as a general rule, are compensated well above the average private sector worker.

Add the burden of supporting — yes, you are their sole means of support because the government produces nothing — that many people to the huge number of people who receive welfare benefits — some of whom are not even citizens of this country and you realize the extent of the problem. Donald Trump and his administration, by creating a stronger economy, has managed to reduce the overwhelming numbers created under Barack Obama but it still is a huge capital outlay. We must begin to stem the steady slide of America into a welfare state.

I know it’s difficult to do when one is forced to pay so much money to support our government, but perhaps one can find some solace in the fact that Trump was successful in lowering taxes on the private sector as one of his first acts in office. Democrats—as a whole, politically—just seem to want ever more taxes to support their continued ”giveaway” programs. They continue to push free health care for everyone including illegals, free college tuition and a guaranteed income for life. We can’t afford it, but they don’t give a damn!  Once again you will be expected to step up and span the void. Bailing out the public sector pension plans will be your next “hit.”  

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York has proposed a tax of 70 percent on the “wealthy” and Brad Sherman of California has already filed articles of impeachment against the president for firing someone he should have fired immediately and was completely entitled to do. The surest cure for that sort of thinking would be for we voters to stop electing ignorant people. It doesn’t require a lot of deep thinking to realize what a 70 percent tax rate would do to this economy and our jobs which support the entire mess that is government. This overwhelming envy of the successful is detrimental.

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