Well, this is it. The final issue of The Reedley Exponent as it’s been known for more than 128 years. But in reality, it isn’t.

It’s true that “The Reedley Exponent” won’t dominate the masthead of the new Mid Valley Times newspaper that will launch next week. But the familiar paper’s title still be up there, along with Dinuba Sentinel and Sanger Herald. Just in a slightly less conspicuous location.

The point is, not a lot will change when it comes to news around Reedley. When there’s a big vote or decision from the City Council, we’ll be there to report on it. If a notable crime or incident occurs, we’ll report it to the best of our ability. When there’s a big football game, basketball game, youth sport or other notable athletic event, we’ll be giving the lowdown on it or at least provide the score when possible. A big show, musical event, community activity or annual  tradition like Fiesta and Street Faire? We’ll be there.

And when you walk into the door weekdays at 1130 G St., you’ll still see the same familiar faces and the Reedley Exponent’s community flavor, just with a new name on the paper and the business cards (eventually). The difference for all longtime readers and subscribers? You’ll be getting more; in particular regional news from neighboring communities Dinuba and Sanger. On occasion, there will be stories of regional interest that affect all three cities. And areas that contain shared borders among cities — Reedley College, the Kings River, entertainment locales. Also, we’ll continue to report what we can from neighboring communities in Orange Cove and Parlier — with the help and contributions from readers in those areas keeping us in the loop.


Keep in mind, there will be adjustments with change. No transition is flawless; don’t be surprised by the occasional hiccup as we work putting together consolidated community calendars, letters and death notices, to name three items. The same goes with our sports coverage. Reedley, Dinuba and Sanger all have great passion for their athletics in different sports.


What do we ask from you, the reader? We welcome your feedback, and greatly encourage bat story ideas and even submissions (stories, photos, letter and guest columns). We strive to continue the ideal local base of coverage, both in print and on our revamped website.

Most of all, we ask for your support. We thank you if you’re a local subscriber. If you haven’t subscribed in the past, now’s a good time to come aboard with options for print and e-edition reading. We thank our loyal advertisers, invite other businesses to consider our improved package and urge the public to financially support those who advertise with us.

The new Mid Valley Times looks forward to serving our readers for many years to come.

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