The word officially is out. The Mid Valley Times will publish its inaugural issue in less than a month.

As Fred Hall, our publisher, stated on Page A1, the Times will be a comprehensive news source combining the resources of The Exponent, The Dinuba Sentinel and The Sanger Herald. The merger of Mid Valley Publishing’s three weekly papers will feature front page stories from each city’s staff along with news and sports coverage from each city.

It’s a natural move, given that the communities share many traits, not the least of which is family and friends who have deep connections with two or perhaps all three cities. Reedley and Dinuba are a handful of miles apart, and Sanger is a nearby neighbor and athletic rival. Personally, I have worked both here and in Sanger, and have established many work connections and friendships in the two cities and visit Dinuba often.

There are those who may think combining the papers will take away a direct hometown touch. It won’t. All three offices remain open for business as usual, and our Exponent staff remains at our G Street office.

You, the reader, will be receiving more with your print and digital subscriptions. There will be added stories and commentary from our “sister” cities, with coverage that often will take a regional scope in addition to hometown.

An exciting addition is the newly-designed website that’s meant to be more user friendly and offer the convenience of a paywall. This allows customers to use credit cards and other electronic forms of payment, an issue some customers have brought up in the past.

The end result is more news, advertising, classified ads, legal notices, obituaries and crime logs. The plan is for you to be kept abreast of news in Dinuba and Sanger as well as here in Reedley. When possible, we’ll even try to cover stories of interest in Parlier and Orange Cove.

As always, we welcome story ideas and community news submissions, either copy of photo. And we welcome your feedback. Email me at with questions or comments.

We’re looking forward to the coming days and the opportunity to bring more to our readers beginning Thursday, July 4.


While we’ve been blessed with an abundant year of rain in the San Joaquin Valley and snowfall in the Sierra Nevada, there’s the unfortunate case of too much of a good thing

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