I would like to take a moment to thank Gary Barsoom for the nice card I received today. Gary was thanking me for the article I wrote on the Reedley Community Band members who played in front of Main Street Cafe a few weeks ago. 

Gary, the pleasure was all mine. We enjoyed everyone's music and can't wait to hear you all play again next year. 

For those who have stuck to their new year's resolutions, congratulations for making it this far. I know it can be tough to break an old habit and start a new and better habit. 

I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to break, or get rid of an old habit. Not sure how true that is, but maybe it helps to keep track? If one of your new years resolutions is to de-clutter your home, or just be more organized overall, I recommend a new Netflix series called, "Tidying up with Marie Kondo." Marie Kondo is a Japanese woman who is a professional organizer. 

She comes into the homes of people here in the United States, (mostly in the Los Angeles area) and offers to help them organize and de-clutter their homes. 

She talks about organization in terms of categories and not rooms. For example, organizing or downsizing all of your dress shirts, instead of going through each room to de-clutter the room individually. 

One of the concepts that Kondo has talked about that I feel has really caught on with people today is "does it spark joy?" 

Kondo said a good way to determine if you want to keep an item or not, is to hold it up and ask yourself, does this spark joy? If the answer is yes, then you can keep it, if not, then off to the Goodwill it goes. 

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