Logan Kuykendall (front) walks with his family down G Street during the city's annual Halloween event. 


The sun had still not set on the evening of Oct. 31, but already, lines of children dressed in Halloween costumes were starting to make their way to downtown Reedley for the second annual "Trick or Treat on G Street" event. 

"Oh my goodness, I've already gone through, let me see, this is already my second bag and a half of candy," said Sharon Warwik. 

Standing in front of the Donna Cole Insurance building, Warkwik only had small breaks to refill her candy bowl before more children walked up looking for candy. 

"Awww, you all look so cute," said Warwirk to a young girl dressed as a princess. "You want some candy? Here you go." 

Warwik said the "Trick or Treat on G Street" event benefits both the families and the businesses downtown. 

"This is a great event because the kids are safe here, plus all the businesses get involved in it and this is fantastic," she said.

Although it is only the second year the event has returned to the city of Reedley, Warwik said she wanted to be prepared because last year it was just as successful. 

"That's why I bought so much candy, because the kids come in droves," she said.  "I was here last year when we did it, and I wanted to be prepared. 

Across the street, 11-year-old, Logan Kuykendall said he enjoyed coming to the event because of all the candy he can collect. 

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