JC Penny Reps

Representatives from JC Penny talked to students and offered discounts on the stores clothing on the morning of Feb. 5. This was the first year that the pop up closet was held on campus. Reedley College Career Counselor Coordinator, Ellyce Parento-Garcia said she was surprised with the response from students.

The Career Center at Reedley College was bustling with excitement on the morning of Feb. 5 as the first ever, "Dress For Success" event took place on campus.

Inside the center, it was shoulder-to-shoulder room only as students took breaks between classes to browse through the various racks of tops, slacks, belts, ties, and more. 

"We really saw the need to provide our students with an opportunity to get access to professional clothing," said Ellyce Parento-Garica, the Career Counselor Coordinator at Reedley College. 

"And so we thought, why not do a pop up closet, and unfortunately we don't have the space to host a closet to be run year round, so we decided to do this pop up closet and make it a two day event."

The event lasted through Feb. 6, Parento-Garcia said they received some donations from various campus and community members. She added that several criteria was required before students could take some clothes. 

They were required to be a Reedley College student, and for the first day of the event, they were limited to three items. 

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