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A photo of the open kitchen alongside the dining area at Valentino's. Martin Barcellos said he is proud of the open kitchen because patrons can see as he cooks meals and talks to staff. 

Take a drive down G Street in Reedley and it's easy to spot- a large neon sign, red in color, with the name "Valentino's" displayed in the window. 

Inside the doors of Valentino's Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant, one can find Martin Barcellos cooking in the open kitchen that he's so proud of, as his wife Dawn talks to customers making sure their food is cooked to perfection. 

"As restaurant owners that's one of those things that we know people care about- the efforts we put into this," said Dawn. 

"When they stop and visit with us or when they send someone our way because they perhaps don't know where to go and eat, and they send them here, that's such a compliment."

The couple is celebrating the restaurant's 55th anniversary this month. They said the journey to reach this milestone has not always been easy, but it's definitely been worth it. 

"Is restaurant easy? Restaurant is never easy," said Dawn. "But we knew that going into this. I think it shows that if you are an honest business and you are providing quality meals that you will endure even the hard times, and Valentino's has been through some ups and downs and every area in between. So when we look back at where we've been we feel blessed to be where we are now."

Martin said the world of culinary art has always been a constant in his life. 

"I have no formal training, I started working in the restaurant back in 1975," he said. "Working for my aunt and uncle when they were down on Manning, I worked for them for 5 years. I then left and I went to Kerman and opened an Italian deli over there."

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