Tom Montijo sat at his desk on the afternoon of Jan. 22. Montijo is a graphic artist but also paints and sculpts during his days off. 

Turn to page A2 in any Reedley Exponent issue, at the bottom left hand corner is a box with a list of names. Several lines down the list is the name Tom Montijo. Next to his name is his title, "Graphic Artist." Walk through the Exponent office on any given weekday, and most of the time, Montijo can be found working on his next advertising design or sitting in the lunch room discussing the Los Angeles Rams.

 "I have been here going on my fifth year at the Exponent," said Montijo on the afternoon of Jan. 18. "The people that we work with here, I like everyone, they're fun to work with."                                                                     Montijo is a 1983 Fresno High School graduate and said he became interested in art at a young age. "I started with my art in grammar school," he said. "And I had received a scholarship to go to art school, in high school I started entering contests and winning awards."

Several companies have used his work and he said prior to working for the Exponent, he worked for an advertising company and created designs for them. "I worked at Certified Ad's they did grocery ads and we worked 15 hours a day," he said. "They are an advertising company for grocery stores in the Bay area." His favorite type of art is sculpting, however he said he's worked with a variety of mediums. "There was a sculpture of a Native American man I had to sculpt," he said.

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