Palm Village

Front row from left, Ernesto Guzman and Gabriel Arcala, Sr. have been with Palm Village for 10 years. Back row from left, Andrea Avalos, (10 years of service) Surinder Kaur, (25 years of service) Jackie Escobedo, (5 years), Dalia O’Bryan , (25 years ) Leticia Hernandez (35 years) Amanda Perez, (5 years)

The Palm Village Retirement Community took some time to recognize several employees for their years of service. In all, 22 employees were honored for their time, dedication and service to Palm Village. 

Employees who have been with the retirement community the longest were Leticia Hernandez (35 years) and David Reimer. (30 years.) 

Maybelle Chumbley and Martina Garcia both have served for 20 years, while Dalia O'Bryan,  

Theadora Jung, Donna Huie, and  Surinder Kaur have been with the retirement community for 25 years. 

Maria Levya was recognized for 15 years of service.  Breanda Sanchez, Beatrice Encinia, Elizabeth Herrera, Ernesto Guzman, Gabriel Alcala, Sr. and Andrea Avalos all have worked at Palm VIllage for 10 years.  

Jackie Escobedo,Karen Fonseca, Julieta Alfonso, Laura Albrecht, Amanda Piceno, Sara Lawler.  and  Amanda Perez have been employed with the retirement community 5 years.  

"Palm Village has 89 employees that have worked here more than 5 years," said Jim Dueck, director of marketing at Palm Village. 

"Eight of our employees have worked at Palm Village more than 30 years.  We have a great staff."

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