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As names appeared in Porcupine, Back row, B. Kaine, S. Balucas, T. Robinson, J. Stewart, S. Komoto, E. Balucas, R. Watari, R. Jadwin, J. Lee, R. Warkentin, E. Gregory, F. Isonio. Second row- T. Sauceda, F. Martinez, D. Jackson,  S. Young, F. Hicks, J. Catlin, J. Hardebeck, R. Groening, T. Colivas, T. Mayeda, O. Youngblood. Front row- Coach D. Scheidt, Advisor; E. Hirose, A. Tarailo, L. Kim, B. Moran, J. Kontilis, N. Iwasaki, T. Takasaki, W. Watahira, B. Uchimura 

The photos and extracts about the Block R group were published in a Reedley High School 1950 Porcupine issue. A copy of the article was submitted to the Exponent by John Kontillis.  

Kontillis wrote that he was among the first group of students to climb Campbell Mountain and paint the capital 'R' on its south side. 

"The copy of the article describes our venture up Campbell Mountain," Kontillis wrote. "I believe this was the first time an "R" was painted. My weak memory is that there was no  paint on the rocks and we used what we had to create the best pattern we were able to make." 

Kontillis also added that he wasn't sure whose idea the mountain emblem was, however he wanted to express his gratitude to the group of students and volunteers who continue to keep the tradition alive. 

The Porcupine article stated the following:

 The large white "R" on the South side of Mt. Campbell heralds to the public that Reedley High is keenly interested in athletics. Supervised by Coach Scheidt, the boys built the R on Saturdays and carried all materials up the side of the mountain by hand. Each year it is to be re-painted by new members as part of their institution. 

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