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 Several of the Reedley Middle College High School students who will be graduating with two degrees next week. Students attended the school and participated in the dual enrollment program. They plan to attend a variety of universities in the fall.  The school's graduation ceremony will be held on Wednesday, June 5 at the Reedley High School Performing Arts Center. It will begin at 8 p.m.

Zenon Garcia-Lopez said he always will remember the words his mother said to him after he brought home his cap and gown. 

"My mom looked at me and told me, ‘You see this? This represents something- this represents all your hard work,' ” he said on the afternoon of May 24. 

Zenon, along with 11 other students from Reedley Middle College High School will all be finishing high school and earning, not only a high school diploma, but an associates degree as well. All through a dual enrollment program offered at Reedley College. 

“High School classes, I would say this is something we are introduced into it’s kind of easy at first because they help you out with those baby steps,” said Wendy Vargas-Marquina. 

Marquina is another dual enrollment graduate and said she feels extremely proud of herself for the accomplishment. 

“It is hard, but it can be easy at times because you have more resources in college," said Marquina. "The tutoring center, the reading and learning center and that helped out a lot.”

Citali Vargas and Antony Serrano are two other students who will be graduating with both degrees. Vargas said there were times she wondered if she'd be able to take on the extra load of college classes. 

"A lot of hard work, stress, tears some times," said Vargas. “We start freshmen year with one college class and then you go to two during sophomore year, then junior year you’re allowed three or four. And then senior year we are allowed to take as many as we want, as long as we stay within the 15 units.”

Antony said he plans to major in business and is excited to begin Fresno State in the fall. 

"Now when I go to Fresno State, I don’t have to do the common core classes,” he said. “So hopefully I can major in business and probably finish faster,”

Vargas is going to major in animal science, Marquina said she wants to also work with animals, Lopez said he wants to major in business. 

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